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M5Stack : Hall Effect Sensor Grove


A mini Hall Effect Sensor, Grove module

  • A3144E + 74HC08D (logic)
  • Magnet
  • 3.3V Logic
  • Digital output (Low = Active)
  • Module U084

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Hall sensor module with grove connector

This Hall effect unit using multiples sensors (3 x A3144E) managed by a logical chip (74HC08D) returning a single logical signal.

Low-level signal can be generated when the magnet (South pole) is close enough from top of the sensor (or when the North pole is close to the back).

Such kind of sensor a used in a wide variety of application: door alarms, proximity sensors, rotation speed measurement, etc.

This sensor outputs a low level when the south pole of the magnetic field is detected.


  • Unipolar Hall switch sensor
  • Fast response and high sensitivity
  • Status indicator
  • Low-level output
  • Lego compatible



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