M5Stack: TVOC/eCO2 Gas Sensor Unit (SGP30), GRO
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M5Stack: TVOC/eCO2 Gas Sensor Unit (SGP30), Grove

TVOC/eCO2 sensor, grove

  • SGP30 Sensor, air quality
  • Volatile organic compound
  • CO2 equivalent
  • Interface I2C (0x58)
  • Module U088

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SGP30 air quality module with Grove connexion (I2C)

TVOC/eCO2 grove module is a Lego Compatible mini Unit. The unit is digital gas sensor based on SGP30. It measures various Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and H2 in the air.

This sensor can be used to detect concentration of TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) and eCO2 (equivalent carbon dioxide reading). Typical accuracy is about 15% within the range and can maintain a long term stability. The SGP30 is a pre-calibrated during the manufacturing process and have on-chip humidity compensation (so it can also be turned as humidity sensor).

The eCO2 is calculated based on the concentration of H2. It can raisonably used to read the CO2 concentration but cannot completely replace "true" CO2 sensors (for laboratory use).

If you need to obtain accurate results then it will be necessary to calibrate the sensor against known measurement source.

The SGP30 chip uses I2C to communicate with the microcontroler.

Main features

  • TVOC/eCO2 concentration detection
  • I2C communication (0X58)
  • Gaz measurement range:
    • Ethanol:0-1000ppm
    • H2:0-1000ppm
    • TVOC:0-60000 ppb
    • eCO2:400-60000 ppm
  • Sampling rate TVOC/eCO2 : 1Hz
  • Resolution:
    • TVOC:1/6/32bbp
    • eCO2:1/3/9/31ppm
  • Outstanding long-term stability
  • Humidity Compensation
  • Grove connector (HY2.0 4P)
  • 2x LEGO Hole
  • Weight: 8gr