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M5Stack : VL53L0X Time of fly ranging unit, Grove


A Laser Ranging measurement Grove module

  • 2 Meter max
  • I2C interface
  • GROVE connector (red)
  • Lego Compatible (mechanically)
  • U010 module

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Measure precisely distance with a Time Of Fly (ToF) sensor

The Time-Of-Fly use a laser emitter (not visible light) and measure the time needed by the light to travel to the object and to be reflected back to the sensor. Once the time estimated, a simple calculation returns the distance to the object.

This unit integrates the VL53LOX sensor capable to measure a distance up to 2 meter in less than 30 ms.

This unit can be used to perform Laser Ranging, Camera Assist (AuoFocus, depth of field up to 2M), basic 3D scanning.

This sensors use the I2C bus to communicates over the Grove connector. Please note that signal on SDA and SCL ligne cannot be over 3.3V.

Technical details

  • Laser WaveLength: 940 nm
  • Max distance: 2m
  • Program: Arduino, UIFlow
  • VL53L0X datasheet


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