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M5Stack : 3A mini relay, Grove


Mini relay module

  • 3A max @ 30V DC
  • digital Interface
  • GROVE connector
  • Lego Compatible (mechanically)
  • U023 module

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Snap a mini relay module to your M5Stack project

The RELAY unit implements a galvanic isolation to safely control a bigger load from a small signal.

The relay can be seen and used as an electrically operated switch. It used an electromagnet to mechanically operate the physical switch.

This module use a digital signal output from the microcontroler to control up to 30V DC (or 220V AC).
The relay output have 3 output:

  • COM: the common pin to the both contact descrived here below
  • NO: is a Normaly Open contact (circuit is open when the relay is not activated AND closed when the relay is activated)
  • NC: is the Normaly Closed contact (circuit is close when the relay is not activated AND open when the relay is activated).

High voltage is dangerous

This product is not designed (and not certified) for high voltage usage. Working with voltage over 30V may be dangerous and should be handled by skilled person. It is advised to use proper protection materiel and security rules.


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