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M5Stack : Atom kit with Barcode / QRCode
In Stock
ESP32 ATOM development kit + BARCODE
M5Atom lite ESP32-Pico @ 240 Mhz
Flash 4MB, Ram 512K
Barcode 1D, 2D
Arduion, UIFlow
M5Stack : potentiometer, Grove
In Stock
A mini angle/potentiometer Grove module
10K Ohms potentiometer
Analog output
GROVE connector
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U005 module
M5Stack : M5 GO IoT starter + 6 sensor
In Stock
M5Stack : M5Go Kit ESP32 (IoT dev)
ESP32 512 Kb SRAM, 16 Mb Flash
LCD 320x240
Speaker, Mic
BMM150 - 3 axis magnetometer
MPU6886 - 6 axis motion tracking
Lipo 500mAh
Lego Technics Compatible
6x M5Unit module
M5Stack core + PM2.5 Air Quality kit
In Stock
M5Stack Core + Air quality measurement unit
M5Stack CoreESP32 512 Kb SRAM, 4 Mb Flash
LCD 320x240

PM2.5 Smoke Sensor / Air Quality
SHT20 Temperature and humidity sensor
M5Stack : Lora module 868Mhz (EU)
In Stock
EU Lora Module for M5Stack
Ra-01H @ 868MHz (Ai-Thinker)
SPI Interface
Internal Antenna + IPEX connector
SKU: M029
M5Stack : bus module
In Stock
M5Stack Bus Module
200 holes prototyping
2x15 pins rigth angle connector
Module M024
M5Stack : Hall Effect Sensor Grove
In Stock
A mini Hall Effect Sensor, Grove module
A3144E + 74HC08D (logic)
3.3V Logic
Digital output (Low = Active)
Module U084
M5Stack : PLC Industrial proto Board module
In Stock
M5Stack base for PLC kind prototyping
Din rail
RS485 to UART interface
I2C Grove port
Protyping area
HT.36 pluggable connector
aka K011-B