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M5Stack : bus module


M5Stack Bus Module

  • 200 holes prototyping
  • 2x15 pins rigth angle connector
  • Module M024

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M5Stack module for quick prototyping and availability of lateral bus

The bus module is more than a simple 200 holes prototyping board for M5Core, it is also an easy way for gain access for the M5Stack bus (M-Bus) and follow your prototyping operations from a 2.54mm connector.

The bus module would allow you to fit your own electronic / sensor and make them interacting with the Core via the M-BUS.

As any of the M5Stack modules (M5-Module), it can be stacked under the Core or other M5 modules.

On this module the M-Bus is made available on the other side of the prototyping area offering interesting possibilities:

  1. Make point to point connexion of the prototyping area with the M-BUS
  2. Solder a right angle double rangs connector (included in the kit) to expose the M-Bus on the side of the module (and then allowing to make other prototyping work on breadboard).

It can be opportune to open several of fences to access the soldered GPIO to connect Dupont wires.


For each order, you will receive the BUS module and a section of 2x15 header (right angle).



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