M5Stack: Relais Statique, SSR BT136S, Grove, Numérique
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M5Stack: Relais Statique, SSR BT136S, Grove, Numérique

Static Relay SSR, Grove

  • SSR BT136S, 2A max
  • Optocoupler
  • Fuse 2A
  • Interface: digital/GPIO
  • U122

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Static Relay (SSR) to control load with microcontroler signal - Grove interface

This M5Stack Grove UNIT is a Solid-state relays also known as SSR for short. SSR are different from usual relays because they don't use mechanical parts. As a result, they have a longer switching life and consume less energy.

This SSR Unit uses an MOC3043M as optocoupler isolation and zero-crossing detection. It can switch a single AC phase from 220-250 AC Power Grid (because of its nature, the SSR cannot work in DC current).

As all M5Stack's Grove module, this SSR unit can be activated with a 3.3-5V DC signal. It is a digital signal for this module. Aside that, the module must be powered with 5V.

The SSR is controlled by power semiconductor devices having microsecond on/off switch time and built-in over-current protection. Because of the relatively high switching time, the SSR cannot be used with PWM signal (which change over more than 50 times every single second).

SSR relay are extensively used in situation fast response time is required and where lines are frequenly switch on/off (because the SSR is not subject to mecanical wear).

The SSR relay is suited for applications like Lightning control, CNC and Motor control, Industrial and domestic automated control, Heating and static switching, Stage lighting, Medical equipment, traffic signal lights.

SSR relay have advantages over mechanical relays:

  1. Faster on/off speed and no physical contact wear.
  2. Completely silent operation.
  3. No electrical sparks for use in complex environments.
  4. Long lasting
  5. Compact size

SSR Unit features

  • Over-zero type SSR
  • Built-in over-current protection
  • Built-in optocoupler isolation, with over-zero detection
  • High speed, Low noise, Durable, high reliability, high sensitivity
  • Grove interface: more convenient to access interface
  • Just required a 3-5V digital signal to control the SSR

Main grid voltage is dangerous

1. Please be careful when using high voltage AC loads, and do not operate with electricity.
2. This relay is for AC loads only.

Technical detail

  • SCR: BT136S
  • Optocoupler: MOC3043
  • Control Signal: 3.3-5V DC
  • On/Off Voltage: single-phase 220-250V AC
  • Max. load current : 2A
  • Channels: 1
  • Over-current protection: Fuse: 2A
  • Operating Temp: -10 to +80°C
  • Weight: 52 gr
  • Size: 54 x 54 x 16mm


For each order, you will receive a SSR unit and a Grove cable.