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Prototyping base for Core Ink


Prototyping base for Core Ink

  • for Core Ink
  • M037

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Proto base for the CoreInk

CoreInk Proto Base is an expansion kit for the CoreInk development plateform.

This DIY expansion is stacked on the CoreInk development plateform M-Bus port (2x8 pins) and will still allows access to the CoreInk's Grove port and Hat Port.

The proto base do also allows to expose additionnal Grove connectors and/or 3.96mm screw terminals blocs.

The prototype area allow you to design and build the circuit according to your own needs.

Suited for:

  • DIY function expansion
  • Experimental circuit
  • Output interface

The kit contains a variety of expansion parts (Grove/HY2.0-4P connector, 3.96 male/female terminal, DC power terminal, etc.). The connectors and terminal can be soldered to the PROTO board on needs.

The hook hole on the back and the LEGO compatible hole (on the corners) make it easy to embed the finished proto base into a variety of project

More details in manufacturer product sheet.

Technical details

  • Net weight: 34g
  • Product size: 56 x 40 x 16mm
  • Shell material: Plastic (PC )


For each order, you will receives

  • 1x CoreInk Proto Base (face shell + bottom shell)
  • 1x Allen key
  • 3x HY2.0-4P socket terminals (red x1, blue x1, black x1)
  • 4x HT3.96R-4P pins
  • 4x HT3.96R-4P socket
  • 1x HT3.96R-2P pin
  • 1x HT3.96R-2P socket
  • 1x DC-044 socket terminal
  • 4x M2*6 cup head tapping screws
  • 1x PROTO DIP header
  • 3x port block


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