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M5Stack: Joystick Grove, I2C
In Stock
I2C Joystick, Grove
X, Y: analog output
Click: digital
I2C interface @ 0x52
Grove connector
M5Stack : 3A mini relay, Grove
In Stock
Mini relay module
3A max @ 30V DC
digital Interface
GROVE connector
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U023 module
M5Stack : bus module
In Stock
M5Stack Bus Module
200 holes prototyping
2x15 pins rigth angle connector
Module M024
M5Stack : DDS signal generator (STM32F0 + AD9833), Grove
In Stock
Numeric signal generator / DDS
Wave: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth
Output: 0 to 0.6V
Freq: 0 to 1 MHz
Freq resolution: 28 bits
Phase resolution: 11 bits
Interface: I2C (0x31, via STM32F031G4x)
Buffered output via OpAmp
M5Stack : Environment units kit, Grove
In Stock
M5Stack Environmental sensor kit
8 sensor units (Earth, Light, IR, ENV, PIR, Angle, RGB, HUB)
Grove Connector
Lego Technics compatible (mechanical)
Known as U050 kit (U019,U005,U021,U003,U002,U001,U004,U006)
M5Stack : Input / Output units kit, Grove
In Stock
M5Stack Input/Output kit
7 differents units (Ext.IO, proto, Relay, VH3.96, RS485, DAC, ADC)
Grove Connector
Lego Technics compatible (mechanical)
Known as U051 kit (U011, U012, U013, U020, U022, U023, U034)
M5Stack : Lora module 868Mhz (EU)
In Stock
EU Lora Module for M5Stack
Ra-01H @ 868MHz (Ai-Thinker)
SPI Interface
Internal Antenna + IPEX connector
SKU: M029
M5Stack : mini GPS/BDS (AT6558), Grove
In Stock
A mini GPS Grove module
Based on AT6558 chipset
UART output
GROVE connector (blue)
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U032 module