M5Stack : Atom - HUB Module
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M5Stack : Atom - HUB Module for prototyping

HUB Module for Atom- Advanced prototyping

  • Industrial proto board (Grove + con 3.96)
  • Rail din
  • Magnet
  • Rubber foot
  • K039
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Prototyping HUB for M5Stack Atom

ATOM HUB PROTO is a prototyping module designed as a HUB to manage multiples connexions for the M5Stack ATOM series. Compare to the standard Atom Prototyping module, the prototyping HUB offers quite more space and connections to prototype your own device.

Users can build circuits or connect peripherals according to their own needs.

ATOM HUB PROTO provides many of interfaces:

  • VH3.96 connector interface,
  • DC-5V power interface,
  • Grove interface

Aside the interface, it also offers all kinds of openings on the shell to facilitate wiring.
A variety of mounting holes are available on the back of the case, it will be useful to hang or screw the HUB where you like. The kit also support the fixation of slide rail clamps.

The proto circuit board have a prototyping area of 45 x 35mm (height 20mm).

With the atom HUB, you can create your own hardware devices, connect batteries, integratring several sensor, create a positioning and tracking system (GPS + NB-IoT) and many more.

Technical details

  • Compatible with ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite
  • Compact design
  • Industrial applications
  • Multiple interface output
  • Multiple mounting holes
  • Port:
    • 1x VH-3.96 4Poles
    • 6x VH-3.96 3oles
    • 1x DC5V Input
    • 1x GROVE connector
  • Creative DIY
  • Weight: 105gr
  • Size: 72x40x30mm
  • Material: Platic


For each order, you will receive:

  • 1x Proto board(include GROVE port)
  • 1x 3.96*4P Plug & Plug Base
  • 6x 3.96*3P Plug & Plug Base
  • 1x ATOM HUB PROTO Face shell
  • 1x DC 5V Power outlet
  • 4x Dust Plug
  • 1x DIN Rail
  • 2x Plastic
  • 4x Magnet double-side tape
  • 4x Rubberpad
  • 4x Magnet
  • 4x M2*6mm Hexagon self tapping screw
  • 1x M2*20mm Hexagon socket cup head machine screw
  • 2x M4*10mm Hexagon countersunk screw
  • 1x M2 Hex Key
  • 1x M4 Hex Key

The Atom board is not included with the product, you must purchase it separately.


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