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M5Stack : Base Stand Charger, SHT30


Holding stand for M5Core

  • Include SHT30 (Temperature, Humidity)
  • I2C Interface

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5,99 € tax incl.


A M5Core stand with environmental sensor

If you don't want to lay down your core or hand it on the wall then this stand may be a nice option to hold your Basic or Gray M5 Core on the desk and display useful data.

This stand also come with nice feature like:

  • SHT30 to measure temperature or humidity
  • Charging base


  1. If the basic and gray core can be attached to this stand, they will not charge because they already have their own charging chip (IP5306). When plugging an USB cable onto such core, they will charge themself without extra charger.
  2. The M5 core attached to the stand cannot use ENV unit because it will come in address conflict with the SHT30 contained in the stand.


For each order, you will receive the stand (containing the SHT30), an USB cable and screws.
M5 Core not included.



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