M5Stack, Thermomètre Grove à ThermoCouple Type-K, MAX31855
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M5Stack, Thermomètre Grove à ThermoCouple Type-K, MAX31855

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KMeter Unit : Thermocouple based temperature sensor, Grove - I2C interface and MAX31855 amplifier

The Kmeter unit uses a K-type thermocouple to measure the temperatiure. This unit use and ESP32-C3 to bring up an I2C interface on the grove connector. The MCU also bring a SPI bus to communicates with the MAX31855KASA+T thermocouple amplifier. The amplifier do feature a 14 bits ADC analog to digital converter to makes high precision voltage reading from the thermocouple.

As the data temperature is made available on the I2C bus, it is easy for anykind of microcontroler/computer with I2C capabilities to read the data and use them on its own software.

The MAX31855 amplifier chip us made for type-K probes and can measure a theorical temperature range of -200°C to 1350°C (the unit adopted the standard flat interface, which is convenient to quickly remplace the thermocouple). The effective measurement temperature is lower because of the thermal insolation used around the wires (and near of the metal pearl).

This product includes a Type-K thermocouple ranged for temperature from -50°C to 250°C with 1 meter lines. The typical response time for this sensor is 1 second.

This sensor is suited for temperature monitoring, Type-K sensor is widely used to in industrial environnment and will make great job in DIY project.


  • Converter MAX31855KASA+T:
    - 14 Bits ADC
    - 0.25°C resolution, accuracy ±2%
    - Support probe type: K type
    - Temp. range of the connected probe -200°C to 1350°C
  • I2C communication interface addr: 0x66
  • ESP32-C3 microcontroler (support I2C firmware update)

Technical details

  • Thermocouple amplifier: MAX31855KASA+T for type-K thermocouple, 14Bit ADC. Reading range -200°C to 1350°C
  • Resolution: 0.25°C
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Interface: I2C @ 0x66
  • Power: 5V @ 24 mA
  • Logic: 3.3V
  • Weight: 21 gr
  • Size: 56 * 24 mm. Height: 9.6 mm


For each order, you will receive:

  • 1x Unit K-Meter
  • 1x type-k Thermocouple (1m)
  • 1x Grove connexion cable (HY2.0-4P)