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PYBD Butterfly for Pyboard-D, breakout of X-Y position
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KIT PYBD adaptateur board (Pyboard-D)
Breakout of positions X & Y
1x Connecteur UEXT (I2C+SPI+UART)
1x StemmaQT / Qwiic (I2C)
2x Groove (I2C, UART)
3.3v & GND rails
UART & I2C connectors
Pico-HAT r2: Hat Interface for Raspberry-Pi Pico
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Control HATs and sensors from Your Raspberry-Pi Pico
Expose RPi GPIO header
Expose UEXT connector
Expose Grove, Qwiic, StemmaQT connectors
Map UART, I2C, SPI buses
Map Pico GPIO to RPi GPIO header
Reset button
Pico GPIOs replicat from prototyping
Pico proto + Case A - for Pico or Pico-W
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Board & Case for prototyping with Raspberry-Pi Pico / Pico Wireless
Based on Pi A case (included)
Breakout board for Pico or Pico-W
Conn. Qwiic/StemmaQt
Conn. Grove
Version V2.0