GPIO replicator for Raspberry-Pi
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GPIO replicator for Raspberry-Pi

  • 40 pin GPIO
  • Replicate the GPIO
  • Also called "Pi Shim" or "Pico Hat Hacker" (PIM300)
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Efficiently duplicate the Raspberry-Pi GPIO

Have you ever considered placing two Pi-Face cards or a PiFace + Hat-Sense on the same Raspberry-Pi?
Or trying to connect a HAT/screen to the GPIO of your Pi AND WANT to have the GPIOs to also do prototyping?
Many other cards also have the GPIO connector soldered on the board... which makes the exploitation of free GPIO signals completely impossible.

Fortunately, there is the GPIO REPLICATOR :-)
Because twice the GPIO on the Raspberry-Pi is much better than a single GPIO ;-) ... after all, we worth it.

This replicator will allow the use of several HATs or more complex configurations (like HAT or LCD) + GPIO together.

It can takes place on your Raspberry-Pi GPIO where you can solder it. There is enough pin height left to plug in a HAT (which would be nice to hold with some spacers).

For this replica, we have provided a straight 2x20 connector to solder on the free location.
This allows the user to opt for a choice of alternative connectors such as an angled connector, connector with IDC housing, etc. In this way, the Replicator will be able to adapt himself to your own needs..

Under the board, we placed a Qwiic/StemmaQt connector (3.3V) connected directly to the I2C bus of the Raspberry-Pi.
This small connector will allow you to quickly connect a compatible sensor or breakout to easily carry out tests without the hassle of wires.

Soldering the 2x20 pinHeader (male connector) is a simple operation that should take no more than a few minutes.

Tip and trick:

On a Raspberry-Pi 4, it is possible to solder the GPIO replicator under the card because the pins protrude of 1.5mm there.
This solder operation is a slightly more delicate task but quite simple to carry out if you have a little know-how.


For each order you will receive the GPIO replicator board, with a 2x20 pin male connector (to solder).
The Qwiic connector is already soldered under the card.

Raspberry Compatibility
Pi 3B+, Pi 3A, Pi 4, Pi 5, Zero 2 W, Zero / Zero W
Interface : Connector
HAT (RPi GPIO), Qwiic StemmaQT
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