PYBD Butterfly for Pyboard-D, breakout of X-Y position
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PYBD Butterfly for Pyboard-D, breakout of X-Y position

KIT PYBD adaptateur board (Pyboard-D)

  • Breakout of positions X & Y
  • 1x Connecteur UEXT (I2C+SPI+UART)
  • 1x StemmaQT / Qwiic (I2C)
  • 2x Groove (I2C, UART)
  • 3.3v & GND rails
  • UART & I2C connectors
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X & Y prototyping board for Pyboard-D

The PYBD Butterfly is a prototyping board kit providing easy access to all the signals of the X & Y positions available on the sides of the Pyboard-D. These 32 pins are unfortunately at the 1.27mm spacing ... frankly not easy to use for Makers.

The PYBD Butterfly is designed to facilitate prototyping ... and provides wings to your Pyboard-D.

This self-documenting prototyping board reports the X & Y positions with a 2.54mm spacing providing enough room to make the connections with prototyping cables (Dupont).

The card includes 2 ground connectors (6 points in total) because we never have enough of them! It also provides a 3 points rails for a 3.3V. The ground connectors are intentionally female connectors to avoid wiring incidents.

What else to say ...

Cradle mounting

The PYBD is mounted under the Butterfly board with a row of 1.27mm pinHeader between the Pyboard-D and the Butterfly board. The fit is perfect :-)

IF you do not want to permanently solder your PYBoard-D to the Butterfly board THEN you can add two 1x16 female 1.27mm spacing connectors to be able to remove the Pyboard-D from the Butterfly board.

WBus still available

Thanks to the cradle mounting (with the PYBoard-D under the Butterfly board), the WBUS connectors under the board remain fully accessible and available. You can therefore add the WBUS expansion cards.

I2C & UART outputs

Two 3-points connectors allow easy retrieval of the I2C(2) bus and the UART(2). These buses are accompanied by a ground line.

UEXT connectors

The UEXT connector (Universal Extension, Wikipedia) is a rugged 10-pin IDC connector carrying power and SPI, I2C, UART buses. These are respectively SPI(2), I2C(1), UART(1).

UEXT connectors allow you to easily add extensions and their robustness is suited for industrial and educational world. Signals are available at 2.54mm pitch .... so easy to use with Dupont wires.

MCHobby offers a range of UEXT extension range (including relay cards), see also the UEXT product range at Olimex Ltd (import on request)

Groves connectors

The Grove connectors are very popular. Such connectors can be used  to ship signals, I2C bus and UART. On the butterfly, we do placed 2 Grove connectors respectively wired to UART(2) and I2C(2).

JST-SH connectors (Qwiic, StemmaQT compatible)

The JST-SH connectors have been popularized by Adafruit and SparkFun (see the documentation here). The back side of the board is fitted with 2 JST-SH pads linked to  I2C(1).

Adafruit foreseen a 5V line whereas Sparkfun expect 3.3V power line.
The default connector powering is 3.3V but we did added solder jumper to switch connector supply to 5V.

The kit do includes 1x JST-SH connector to solder.

Fixing holes

The card has 4 fixing holes 3mm in diameter. They can be used with nylon spacers or rubber feets.

Self-documented? What does it means?!?

The card contains all the necessary information on its silkscreen. There is the identification of the pins but also the identification of the buses.

A simple coding makes it possible to identify the buses and functions as well as the analog inputs (adc) and analog outputs (dac).

UEXT, UART, I2C connectors are also documented.


For each order, you will receive the PYBD-Butterfly kit (Pyboard-D board not included).

This kit is made of:

  • 1x Pyboard-D Butterfly board
  • 1x row of pinheader - 2.54mm spacing
  • 1x row of pinheader - 1.27mm spacing
  • 2x female connector (3 points)
  • 1x UEXT connector
  • 1x JST-SH connector (Qwiic / Stemma compatible)
  • 2x Grove connector (1x I2C + 1x UART)


Data sheet
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