SGP30 : Air quality sensor VOC / eCO2 - I2C - Qwiic / StemmaQt
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SGP30 : Air quality sensor VOC / eCO2 - I2C - Qwiic / StemmaQt

TVOC/eCO2 sensor, StemmaQt / Qwiic

  • SGP30 sensor, Air Quality
  • VoC gas
  • CO2 equivalent
  • Interface: I2C

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Air quality measurement (volatile compound component and CO2 equivalent) with the SGP30

The SGP30 is a Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor having a fully integrated MOX (Metal Oxyde) gas sensor. Breathe easy with this very fine air quality sensor designed by the sensor experts "Sensirion". This sensor do have a fully calibrated output signals with a typical accuracy of 15% within measured values. The SGP product line combines multiple metal-oxide sensing elements on one chip to provide more detailed air quality signals.

Best of all, this sensor can be reached through its I2C interface meaning that only two lines (+power) are necessary to acquire the data from the sensor.
As all Adafruit sensor breakout, signals are available on breakout connector for easy wiring on your project or breadboard. The sensor also fits a Qwiic/StemmaQt connector for quick wiring (if your microcontroler do have such port -OR- using the convenient JST-SH4 to wire adapter cable).

This is a gas sensor that can detect a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and H2. It is intended for indoor air quality monitoring. When connected to your microcontroler (running the Adafruit library code) it will return a Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) reading and an equivalent carbon dioxide reading (eCO2) over I2C.
When poeple stays in a closed room, oxygen slowly decrease (CO2 increase) and VOC gas are increasing. This combination is responsible for headache and reduced attention, the right time to ventilate the room. Don't hesitate to read our articles suite on VOCs (MCHobby blog)

The SGP30 contains a small microcontroler to control the power of MOX hot-plate sensor, reading the analog voltage, tracks the baseline calibration, calculates TVOC and eCO2 values. All the data are available on the I2C. Unlike the CCS811, this sensor does not require your microcontroler to support I2C clock stretching.

This part will measure eCO2 (equivalent calculated carbon-dioxide) concentration within a range of 400 to 60,000 parts per million (ppm), and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) concentration within a range of 0 to 60,000 parts per billion (ppb). See this article to understand more about such units and how to test the sensors.

Please note, this sensor, like all VOC/gas sensors, has variability and to get precise measurements you will want to calibrate it against known sources! That said, for general environmental sensors, it will give you a good idea of trends and comparison. The SGP30 does have built in calibration capabilities, note that eCO2 is calculated based on H2 concentration, it is not a 'true' CO2 sensor for laboratory use.

It is also possible to improve the accuracy of calculated TVOC/eCO2 values by setting the humidity compensation and feeding the sensor with the RH% via I2C write operation (you will need an external humidity sensor).

The sensor is fitted with a 1.8V voltage regulator and level shifting for working with 3.3V or 5V systems (Raspberry Pi, Pico, Arduino, MicroPython boards, etc).