Arduino Expansion Shield


The "shield" are expansion board for Arduino. The shield are stacked on the top of the Arduino. The shield are used to fullfil various features like contrôling motor, log data, displays, gaming kit, ethernet shield, music shield, etc.

RGB Shield for Arduino
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Control analog RGB LED strip
6A max / 50V DC max
Arduino Pin 3, 5, 6
Assembled with staking header
PATCH shield for Arduino
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PATCH shield for Arduino UNO
4 PATCH connector on the shield
4 PATCH breakout for your prototyping boards
to use wuth Ethernet cable -->8 wires to Patch
Cookie I/O Expansion Shield for Arduino
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Gravity : cookie shield Arduino
Connector with key
Ideal for beginners
Compatible with Gravity modules
PH2.0 connectors (2,3 or 4 poles)
Extention board for Arduino Nano
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Extension board for the Arduino Nano
2.54mm spacing connector
12V max power input (barrel jack)
3.3V 1A max regulator
Pad for UNO R3 connnector (not included)
MP3 Shield - Music Maker - VS1053
MP3 Shield from AdaFruit - Music Maker
For Arduino
VS1053 Chipset
Playback: MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MIDI, FLAC, WAV (PCM et ADPCM)
Record: WAV (PCM) et compressed Ogg Vorbis
microSD connector
Digital control for volume, tremble, bass
Special MIDI mode