CanDIY - Shield Can Bus pour Arduino
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[T] - CanDIY - Shield Can Bus for Arduino

Shield Can bus for Arduino

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Add a Can bus interface to your Arduino

This shield is a CAN (Controller Area Network) extension for Arduino.
It is based on the Microchip MCP2515 (CAN controller) and MCP2551 (CAN transceiver) components supporting the V2.0B specification and SPI interface (also at high speed).
Behind these barbaric references, reserved for insiders, hide really very exciting projects !!

Hack your Marklin train

Yes, you read! CanDIY is an original project by Joerg Pleumann, the brilliant designer of Railuino. Railuino is a library that allows you to take control of your digital Marklin in order to create intelligent man-machine/Marklin interfaces and/or automate scenes on your digital network.
Ordering switches, Marklin trains (digital) from an Arduino becomes child's play. We have successfully tested it with locos and switches using the MM2 protocol. You'll need a railuino pack to make the interface cable.
See the Tutorial section for more information.

Hack your car

So is it possible? Yes, all recent cars are all equipped with an on-board computer and communication takes place exclusively via a CAN bus. This bus allows the exchange of information between the various intelligent components of the car. Your dealer also uses this bus, with an OBD2 plug, to perform maintenance diagnostics.
Each manufacturer has its own secrets about its own models, but the protocol is standardized, some of the information is easily accessible (engine speed, temperature, etc.). What make your dashboard more attractive, display information on a LDC, TFT screen, why not use RGB LEDs whose color varies according to the rotation speed of the motor, create a fuel economy calculator, etc
Please note: it's not a question here of modifying vehicle parameters (unless you have access to confidential documents, at your own risks)! But create an interactive environment, data logging, tracking, alert, etc. based on information available/accessible on the CAN bus of the car.

Contents of the kit

Can DIY is delivered in a pre-assembled kit but some welding operations are still necessary to file the different connectors.
The kit consists of:

  • A pre-assembled card with all the components on the surface.
    • The board is equipped with a Reset button.
    • A large prototyping area equipped with pellets crimped on both sides (and therefore not afraid of being unsoldered and rewelded)
    • Two rails in the middle of the prototyping area ... very practical for distributing the ground or + 5v
  • A Pin Stacking Header, which allows you to connect your other shields.
  • A SPI connector (2 x 3 pins) since the CanDIY uses the SPI bus to communicate with Arduino.
  • Two Can Bus connectors (RJ45)
  • A small section of normal PinHeaders and jumper to activate the "First Node", "Intermediate Node", "Last Node" resistances on the Can bus.

Only contains the CanDIY shield, not the arduino :-)

Technical details


The CANDIY shield is not just a shield but allows you to carry out very captivating projects.

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