Ecran tactile 2.8" TFT pour Arduino
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[T] - Ecran tactile 2.8" (v2) TFT pour Arduino et Pyboard

320*240 (2.8'') Touch screen in 16-bit color for Arduino and PyBoard

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Spice up your Arduino or PyBoard projects with this beautiful touchscreen equipped with a connection for micro SD. This shield is a large TFT display (2.8 inches diagonal), bright (backlit in white light with 4 LEDs) and very colorful (262.000 different colors - 18-bit)! Each of the 240x320 pixels can be individually controlled, which in the end offers a much better resolution than the 128x64 displays in black and white (mobile phone screen type).  

As a bonus, this screen is already equipped with a resistive tactile film. It is therefore possible to detect the finger pressure anywhere on the screen. 

MicroPython PyBoard compatibility:

This TFT screen is equipped with an ILI9341 driver supported on the PyBoard by Roman Podgaiski's library. We offer a tutorial for your PyBoard (with connection diagram). At the moment, only the TFT is supported (the tactile part STMPE610 is not yet supported on the PyBoard

Really cool improvements:

This new version is now equipped with a display and SPI controller - if it decreases the speed a bit, on the other hand this approach has the advantage of using a lot less pins and allows the shield to be used much more easily with an Arduino Mega and a Leonardo. 

That's not all, the touchscreen controller has also gone into SPI, so you only need an extra pin to use this quality sensory controller. 

Even with all these additions, the AdaFruit engineers have managed to control the costs to continue to propose the shield at an affordable price! 

This shield is completely assembled, tested and ready to use. No need for wire or welding iron! Plug it in and use our library - operational in 10 minutes! Works best with a classic Arduino (UNO/Duemilanove/Diecimila). Weld 3 jumpers (pellets) will also allow you to use it at full speed with an Arduino Leonardo or Mega. This shield can be used on an Arduino Yun using the Arduino Leonardo configuration (see the discussions on the AdaFruit Forums before proceeding with your purchase).

This display has its own controller equipped with its buffer memory (RAM). Thanks to this, the micro-controller is almost not solicited. This shield requires fewer pins than version 1, which allows to connect more sensors, buttons and LEDs.

This shield is not delivered with a simple Data Sheet - AdaFruit has developed an Open Source graphic library that can draw pixels, lines, rectangles, circles and text. There is also a touch screen library that detects the x, y and z (pressure) coordinates as well as a example code that demonstrates the operation of all these features. This source code is written for an Arduino but could easily be ported to your favorite micro-controller.

Pins used

  • 5 pins SPI for the display (the pins 13 to 9),
  • 1 other pin to activate the SPI touch controller (pin 8),
  • 1 other pin to activate the micro SD card (if you want to read pictures, on pin 4).

Free pins:

This means that digital pins 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and analog 0 to 5 are available.
Pin 4 is available if you don't use the micro SD drive.


  • 2.8" diagonal LCD display (TFT)
  • 240x320 dot resolution, 18-bit color (262.000 colors). The Arduino library uses a 16-bit mode. 
  • ILI9341 (data sheet) controller including a buffer video memory (RAM)
  • STMPE610 Touch Screen controller
  • A display and touch screen controlled by high speed SPI controller.
  • The display uses the digital pins from 13 to 9. The touch screen controller uses the digital pin 8. The micro SD reader uses the digital pin #4.
    This means that digital pins 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and analog 0 to 5 are available.
    Pin 4 is available if you don't use the micro SD drive.
  • Works with all classic 328 based Arduino. A simple 3-jumper weld (pellets) activates the ICSP connector to make the card compatible with a Leonardo or Mega
  • LDO regulator 3.3V - 300mA integrated (Low-Drop Out). The current consumption depends on usage but fluctuates around 100mA.
  • Back-light with 4 white LEDs. Active by default but you can connect a transistor on the digital pin to control the back-light.
  • 4-Wire resistive screen


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