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PATCH shield for Arduino


PATCH shield for Arduino UNO

  • 4 PATCH connector on the shield
  • 4 PATCH breakout for your prototyping boards
  • to use wuth Ethernet cable -->8 wires to Patch

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Use ethernet cables to transport Arduino signals everywhere in your project

The patch shield looks like a mini patch-panel and works like a Wingshield. Its designed easy the connection of remote wire, control panel, LED and remote device. You can pratically wire anything with the Patch shield!

The shield is shipped with 4 small breadboard friendly breakout board. Connecting the patch shield to the remote breakout board is quite easy : just use any of the Ethernet cable available around you. On the patch shield the socket act like a patch bay so you can easily try various wiring scheme, the ethernet cable only transport the signal from the patch shield to the breakout board!

This PATCH shield is supplied as a kit compose of the shield main board and 4 breakout boards. The kit also includes the all the necessary component to assemble the board.

Does not include the Arduino, breadboard, Arduino and other components. This product is a kit (so not assembled) but is it very easy to assemble all the items. See the tutorial section for more information about this product, assemblly, etc. Don't forget to check the product's website!

Technical detail

  • Patch shield dimensions: 56mm x 53mm x 18mm
  • Breakout board dimension: 20mm x 26mm x 18mm



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