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Cookie I/O Expansion Shield for Arduino


Gravity : cookie shield Arduino

  • Connector with key
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Compatible with Gravity modules
  • PH2.0 connectors (2,3 or 4 poles)

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Cookie Shield, the Gravity IO shield designed for beginners

The IO Gravity shield is really great and easy to use but it isn't suitable for the youngest and beginners who don't yet have the notions of polarities.

The Cookie I / O shield for Arduino is designed for beginners using connectors with key (as on Gravity modules) to avoid bad connections and the risk of destruction by reverse polarity. The port only accepts connection when the plug is presented the right way round, this is ideal for STEM classes and learning.

For each order, you'll receive the cookie shield and 12 connection cables.

Technical details

  • Digital I/O Pins: D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11 (type PH2.0-3P)
  • Analog Input Pins: A0 - A5 (type PH2.0-3P)
  • I2C Port: 2 (type PH2.0-4P)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V ou 5V (switchable)
  • Size: 58 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 50 gr



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