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MOD-VGA : 3.3V Gameduino alike board


Gameduino alike board

  • Variant board made by Olimex with PS2 connector
  • 3V only (not 5V tolerant)
  • Arduino connector
  • UEXT connector

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3.3V Gameduino board - offer a VGA output to your microcontroler

MOD-VGA is a 3.3V shield based on the popular Gameduino design. The little changes we made were to add a PS2 keyboard, a UEXT connector which allows all of our boards with a UEXT to connect to MOD-VGA and audio output. Also, we made a version with 32MB of SDRAM which allows higher resolutions than the original Gameduino design.

Technical details

Not 5V tolerant

Is this shield compatible with boards that operate only at 5V? Is it possible to use 5V SPI with this shield?
No. This shield doesn't work with 5V SPI, it requires 3.3V SPI. You need to use level shifter to drop down the 5V SPI to lower level. The absolute maximum of the GPIO pins of the XYLINX Spartan-3A is 4.6V. Using 5V SPI logic you would damage MOD-VGA shield.


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