Arduino ATWINC1500 WiFi Shield  with PCB Antenna
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Arduino ATWINC1500 WiFi Shield with PCB Antenna

WiFi Shield for Arduino UNO

  • ATWinc1500 WiFi
  • PCB antenna
  • Arduino Shield
  • FCC-certified d'Atmel
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Connect your Arduino-compatible to the Internet with this WiFi shield that features the FCC-certified ATWINC1500 module from Atmel

Connect an Arduino compatible board your WiFi network with this WiFi shield. The shield is propeled with the ATWINC1500 module from Atmel. It is an FCC-certified handling 802.11b/g/n WiFi and one of the best interface to network your devices. ATWINC1500 have SSL support and offers solid performance. Adafruit did tested it on MQTT demo without hiccups for a complete week-end.

The ATWINC1500 WiFi Shield from Adafruit uses SPI to communicate + some GPIO for control. You will need to wire 6 cables and uou are ready to go. Right now the Atmel-supplied library works best with SAMD21-based boards like the Arduino Zero or Metro M0 Express, or the Arduino Mega. The library will not fit on other Arduinos such as 328P, 32u4 or Attiny-based boards. The SPI bus can be clocked up to 12MHz for fast and reliable packet streaming. Scanning et connecting networks is also very fast and takes few seconds.

This module works with 802.11b/g/n networks and support the WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption. You can use it in Software Access Point mode (AP) to create an ad-hoc network. The TLS 1.2 will secure client connections! This shield version features a PCB antenna. For a wider range, check out the uFL version to connect an external antenna.

Using a SPI protocol based module is the best way to add an WiFi module to an Arduino compatible plateforme. It is even more easy since Adafruit did place the ATWINC on a shield with the needed level shifting on all the input pins so it can be used with 3V or 5V logic boards. The shield features a 3.3V regulator able to handle the 300mA spikes required by the WiFi module. Thank to the regulator, the shield can be powered with 3-5.5VDC. The 3 onboard  LEDs can be controled over the SPI interface (part of the library code) or controlled by the Arduino library. The LED would lit when connected to an SSID (WiFi network) or transmitting data.

The shield also own a microSD card connector. it can be use to host data or store data coming from Internet. As mentionned by Adafruit, the ATmega328 based board (like UNO) cannot use both the WiFi module and SD library at the same time, they're too small. Upgrade to a Metro M0 Express to get a big memory bump!


For each order, you will receive the shield assembled and tested. The shield is ship togheter with pinHeader section and female ICSP 2x3 connector. Arduino not included.

Technical details

  • Size: 68mm x 53mm x 4.7mm
  • Weight: 13.7g


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