List of products by brand Olimex

MOD-L3GD20 : 3 axis gyroscope L3GD20
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3-axis Gyroscope :
Scale: 250 / 500 / 2000 dps
16-bits data
Temperature (8 bits)
I2C Interface
Line: Data Ready, interrupt available
UEXT connector
MOD-LED8x8RGB : 8x8 RGB LED matrix
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MOD-LED8x8RGB : Large 8x8 RGB LEDs matrix
Serial Protocol (Data,Latch,Sck)
Stackable by design
60 x 60mm
MOD-MPU9150 : IMU with 9 degree of Free
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MPU 9150
3-Axis Gyroscope - 2000°/sec
3-Axis Accelerometer +/- 16G
3-Axis Magnetometer +/- 1200µT
I2C Interface
UEXT connector
MOD-VGA : 3.3V Gameduino alike board
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Gameduino alike board
Variant board made by Olimex with PS2 connector
3V only (not 5V tolerant)
Arduino connector
UEXT connector
PoE adapter for 5V or 12V project
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PoE for electronic projects
IEEE 802.3af-2003 conform
PoE injection >= 37V DC
Output: 5 or 12V DC
MOD-POE-V2 only works in Alternative B (Mode B).
RFID 13.56Mhz - USB module
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RFID reader (13.56Mhz, ISO15693 tags)
Keyboard interface
USB-Serial interface