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DCDC Converter 5V 2A, Step-down, MP1482DS, automotive


DC/DC regulator MP1482DS

  • Input: 6-16V
  • Output: 5V (2A max)
  • Automotive application
  • Also named DCDC6-16-TO5

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Power your USB project from this 6-16V to 5V regulator (2A max)

Allows to power boards and projects that needs 5V power source (Raspberry Pi, A20-OLinuXino-LIME, BeagleBone, etc) from an adapter offering an input voltage between 6V and 16V DC.

It is a very convenient solution to get 5V in a car - the DCDC6-16-TO5 (this product) will transform the 12V input to 5V/2A output.

The input connector is a standard power jack. The output connector is USB type A host which allow you to connect your USB device.


  • Input voltage: between 6 and 16 VDC
  • Output voltage: 5 Volts
  • Powering via: jack connector (positive center)
  • Output:Via USB-A
  • suited to power automotive based project -OR- to power projects from a 12 volts battery
  • A USB LED status (red, when the USB is powered)
  • Régulateur MP1482DS
    • Type Step-Down (buck)
    • Max output current 2A (see datasheet MP1482DS)
    • Over-current protection.
  • Board schematic (pdf, Olimex)
  • MP1482DS datasheet (pdf, MPS)
  • Board size: 82 x 46mm
  • Max Height: 40mm


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