2.8" touch display, Color, 320x240px, UEXT
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2.8" touch display, Color, 320x240px, UEXT

Tactile 2.8" touch color display

  • 320 x 240 pixels
  • SPI interface
  • ILI9341V driver
  • Resistive film AR1021
  • UEXT (SPI + I2C)
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A 2.8" LCD color display with UEXT connector

Quickly add a 2.8" color display to your project thanks to the universal UEXT connector.

Based on the ILI9341V display controler and resistive touch screen (with its AR1000 controler), you can drive your app with your finger. The AR1021 is connected on the I2C bus (0x4D).

Thank to the UEXT connecteur, this screen is quite easy to plug on any plateform microcontroler offering this connectivity. With some Dupont wire, you can quickly wire this display on any microcontroler.

UEXT pin assignment:

  • 3: LCD BL (BackLight)
  • 4: Touch IRQ
  • 5: Touch SCL
  • 6: Touch SDA
  • 7: TFT Data/Command
  • 8: TFT MOSI
  • 9: TFT SCK
  • 10: TFT CS

What's UEXT ?

UEXT connectorUEXT is a connector carrying I2C bus + SPI bus + Serial + 3.3v power. It use a very standard 10 Pin IDC connector. It is quite easy to add sensors and extension board with UEXT connector... just plug it or wire it with IDC ribbon! Great.

Our favorite is the carrying of I2C bus allowing to easily add several sensors and expansion board. On the other side, SPI would be welcome for fast data transmission like remote screen. The serial connexion could be made compatible with RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, DMX512, MIDI by using appropriate level-shifting circuitery.

This connector is usually available on almost Olimex's product including nano computers. It is a great way to add extension boards on products like ESP8266 WiFi microcontroler or microcontroler board. UEXT is suited for prototyping, school learning (no need for iron) and industrial solution (Olimex produces Industrial Grade boards).

See our UEXT expansion or all products exposing UEXT connector on the shop, the Olimex's UEXT collection, Wikipedia to learn more about UEXT.

Technical details

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