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Black/white display, 84x48 px, Nokia 3310


Nokia 3310 LCD Display

  • 84 x 48 pixels
  • Black & White
  • UEXT

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Nokia 3310 display, 84x48 pixels in black and white for your projects

MOD-LCD3310 is a development board with a UEXT universal connector. It can be attached and it adds LCD functionality to all other development boards.

Technicals details

What is UEXT connector?

UEXT connector UEXT is a connector that ships many signals for I2C bus + SPI bus + Serial bus + 3.3v power. This connector is uses a standardized IDC 10 pins connectors, very common ;-).
Thank to UEXT, it is quite easy to append sensor and expansion boards... just plug it with the IDC cable and it is ready to use!

Our favorite is the I2C bus allowing to append many sensors over only 2 wires (each sensors or boards have its own and unique I2C address on the bus). The SPI bus available on the connector can be used to transfert data hat highly high speed, really great for TFT display. The serial port / UART (asynchronous communication) can be made compatible with the RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, DMX512, MIDI standard by using the adequate level-shifting circuitery.

The UEXT are available on many of the Olimex product made by Olimex Ltd (also on their nano computers). UEXT is a fantastic connector to append expansion to boards ans projects like WiFi ESP8266 or other microcontroleurs. UEXT is very well suited for prototyping, learning (no need to solder) and industrial solutions (as Olimex produces "Industrial Grade" board).

See our UEXT expansions or all the product exposing an UEXT connector on the shop, Olimex also have a complete collection of UEXT board (available on request)UEXT on wikipedia.



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