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Zumo Robot 32U4 - Assembled with motor
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Zumo Robot assembled
32U4 microcontroler arduino compatible
LCD display
2x 75:1 motor + encoder
Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
Line follower array
4x Infrared proximity sensors
Buzzer and user button
Two relay module
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Control module with TWO relays ready to use    
Romi robot - Chassis kit - Black
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Romi Chassis - Versatile mobile robot
Kit to start mobile robot plateforme
2 gearbox motors + 2 wheels
One ball caster
Romi plateform including battery holder with contacts
A4988 Stepper motor controler
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Step-by-step motor controller A4988 - micro-step
Motor voltage: 8 à 32V
Motor current: 1.2A (2.3A in peak)
Micro-stepper: 1/16 of step max.
Current limiter
Logic: 3.3 et 5V
Robot Arm Kit for Romi - Black
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Robotic Arm kit for Romi
2 servos to control the arm.
1 gripper (with additionnal micro servo).
Gripper can be mounted vertically or horizontaly
Romi controler board (32U4)
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Controler board for ROMI - Arduino and Raspberry-Pi compatible
Processor: 32U4 @ 16 Mhz (RAM 2 Kb, FLASH 32 Kb)
Motor driver: DRV8838 (2.5 to 10.8V, 1.8A per channel)
logic level: 5V
Arduino Bootloader
Motor board for Romi Robot
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Motor controller for Romi robot
Motor driver: DRV8838 (2.5 to 10.8V, 1.8A per channel)
Power distribution
STEP-DOWN regulator (2.5 @ 5V, 3.3V)
MP6500 stepper motor controler
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MP6500 stepper motor controler
Micro-stepping 1/8 step max
Motor 4.5V to 35V
Current 1.5A (2.5A peak)
Logic 3.3v - 5v
Current limiter