Kit Chassis Robot Romi - Noir
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Romi robot - Chassis kit - Black

Romi Chassis - Versatile mobile robot

  • Kit to start mobile robot plateforme
  • 2 gearbox motors + 2 wheels
  • One ball caster
  • Romi plateform including battery holder with contacts
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The ideal black chassis to create versatile robot

The Romi chassis the base for a mobile robot having a diameter of 165 mm and using differential-driving. The great thing about this chassis is that it has a battery holder for six AA batteries (not included) integrated in the chassis. The wheels are located on the diameter of the base plate, allowing for turns in place. One ball caster in placed at the rear position of the plateform and offers a smooth third point of contact (it is possible to ass another ball caster in the front of the Romi. The chassis uses 70×8mm wheels and Mini Plastic Gearmotors. As the motor have extended backshafts it is possible to mount quadrature encoders for position feedback.

The Romi chassis have many mounting holes and slots (of several size, including M2, M3) that can be used to mount your electronics, such as your microcontroller, motor drivers and sensors on the plateform.

The is made of plastic components and is available in six colors (black, rose, red, yellow, blue, white). It is possible to replace individual parts with other colors items to create a unique custom combination. Don't hesitate to contact us for adding more color to the Romi product lines.

This kit is black!


To use this kit, you will need some additional items.

  • Six AA batteries (we recommend rechargeable AA NiMH cells).
    The Romi User Guide does contains more information about power options.
  • Electronics to control the motors (e.g. the Romi 32U4 Control Board or your favorite microcontroler board).
  • A soldering iron to wire your electronic

Kit content

For each order, you will receive the Romi chassis as a kit

Elements du kit Romi Robot kit content

The kit containing the following items:

  • One black Romi chassis base plate
  • Two mini plastic gearmotors
    Motors are 120:1 HP with offset output and extended motor shaft
  • Two black Romi chassis motor clips
  • Two white 70×8mm Wheels
  • One black Romi chassis ball caster kit
  • One battery contact set for Romi chassis

Other items like microntroler board, Raspberry-Pi, Arm, etc are not included.

Optional accessories

Robot Romi avec bras robotique

  • Robot Arm Kit for Romi – with this arm, your Romi can manipulate items around. This kit contains everything you need to build the arm. The arm also includes the micro gripper and is controled with a total of 3 servos motors: one for controlling the height of the arm, one for controlling the tilt of the gripper and the last motor to control the gripper paddles. All three servos are specially modified and have an additionnal feedback wire providing access to their feedback potentiometers (so you can read the position of the servo and enabling higher-level closed-loop control of all three joints).
  • Romi Chassis Expansion Plate – this plate can be used to expand your Romi robot vertically and adding new level. It has the same diameter as the base plate but it is only a half circle to give you more expansion options. For a full plate of expansion, you need to to combine two expansion plates. This plate is included as part of the Romi robot arm kit described above.
  • Power Distribution Board for Romi Chassis – This board helps you get your Romi chassis running quickly. It solders to the chassis’s battery contacts. The board offers reverse battery protection, several power switching options and access to the various power busses.
  • Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board for Romi Chassis – This board is more advanced than the Power Distribution Board. It offers the same features (reverse battery protection, multiple power switching options, and convenient access to various power busses) PLUS a dual motor drivers PLUS switching step-down voltage regulator (up to 2.5 A at 5 V or 3.3 V).
  • Romi 32U4 Control Board – This board gives you everything the two boards above do and more. With the 32U4 board, you can turn the Romi chassis into a programmable Arduino compatible robot using ATmega32U4 MCU. Its features include integrated dual motor drivers, a versatile power circuit, an inertial sensors, as well as connections for quadrature encoders and an optional LCD.
    The board also has the ability to interface with an added Raspberry Pi, making the foundation for a complete Raspberry Pi-controlled Romi robot.
  • Romi Encoder Pair Kit – this allows you to add quadrature encoders to the mini plastic gearmotors. The encoder uses a magnetic disc and Hall effect sensors to provide 12 counts per revolution (so named CPR12). As they are placed on the back of the motor's (before the gearbox, you have a very high resolution in position. These encoders can plug in directly to the Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board or the Romi 32U4 Control Board.
  • Romi Chassis components – Chassis components are available individually for use as spare parts or for those who want to put together their own Romi chassis with the color combinations of their choosing. Don't hesitate to contact us to included the wanted Romi items to the WebShop
  • Sensors
  • Hardware


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