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Control power device with relay providing a galvanic insulation to your project

Here is a ready to use Arduino Relay module for your microcontrollers-based projects.

This module provides all the necessary features for a quick implementation.

Practical, it will offer a galvanic isolation (the high-voltage circuit is never in contact with the control circuit) allowing the control of more powerful devices (such as a fan, a small water pump, a low power motor, etc). 

It has a TTL-compatible input, which allows to connect it directly to a digital output of your Arduino.

It also includes an LED type indicator, to know if the relay module is active or not. The module also incorporates an anti fly-back diode (see our explanations for the mini relay kit).

Technical details

  • TTL compatible input. Can be connected directly to a digital output from Arduino.
  • LED indicating the state of the relay.
  • Compact, terminal block for power stage (common, normally open contact + normally closed contact).
  • Power stage: 3A/30V DC, 3A/250VAC (indicated on the relay)
  • Ordering stage: 3 pin, impaction of 2.54mm
  • With a relay power supply VCC=5V
    • Activation current with 5V signal = 3.9mA
    • Activation current with 3.3V signal = 2.5mA


The relay module has a 3-pin connector.

  • VCC : To connect to a 5V power source
  • GND : To connect to ground /GND
  • DAT : Control pin, to connect to a digital output of your microcontroller.


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