Science kit Boson autonomous (gravity)
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Micro:Bit - Boson science kit with scientific sensors
Fast connection (Gravity)
8 Sensors: Physics, chemistry, biology
Autonomous (display module)
Compatible Micro:Bit Boson and Arduino Gravity
pH measurement PRO kit, Gravity, analog
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pH meter kit
PRO - Industrial Probe (v2)
Power: 3.3 to 5V
Output: Analog 0 to 3.4V
Detection range: 0 - 14
Accuracy: +/-0.1 @ 25°C
LCD Display 128x64, SPI 3 fils
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Graphical LCD Display - Serial
128 x 64 pixels
4.5 to 5V
ST7920 display controler
LCD12864 with SPI (3 fils) or parallel mode
White on blue background