3D Gesture sensor
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Mini gesture sensor
Electric field (10 cm)
Near motion (5 cm)
I2C Interface 
3.3 / 5V compatible
Spatial resolution 150 dpi
Analog Signal Isolator, Gravity
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Analog signal isolator
Power: 5V
Signal: analog 0 to 5V
Gravity connector
Resp. time: 4sec
Boson starter kit for Micro:bit
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Micro:bit - Boson kit with sensors
Micro:bit adapter
Fast connection (Gravity)
8 Modules
Lego compatible
Cookie I/O Expansion Shield for Arduino
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Gravity : cookie shield Arduino
Connector with key
Ideal for beginners
Compatible with Gravity modules
PH2.0 connectors (2,3 or 4 poles)
Dual UART over I2C, Gravity
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I2C to dual UART
2Mbps max
2 independants UART configuration
I2C Interface (2 address bits)
3 - 5V compatible
Gravity : 9 sensors kit
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9 Gravity sensors
Fast connection (Gravity)
3 Analog modules
6 Digital modules
Gravity : Starter kit for Arduino compatible
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Gravity Arduino Starter Kit
Arduino Shield
Fast connection (Gravity)
DFRDuino Uno (Arduino compatible)
Battery pack
10 Gravity modules
Distance sensor
Micro servo