Gravity: Digital Crash sensor (Left)
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Gravity: Digital Crash sensor (Left)

Gravity : Bumper - Left

  • Contact Switch
  • Digital output
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LEFT limit switch or contact switch for robotic project - Gravity interface

If you are designing a robotic project, this element will allow you to detect contact with an object or a wall. This switch is equipped with a small roller to avoid problems of seizing (use at the end of the race) and offers a very useful protuberance to quickly activate the contact (before the object is really too close to switch)

It can also be used as a limit switch when carrying out automation projects.

This sensor is intended for the detection of an obstacle/object coming from the left.

Gravity connectic facilitate connection to the Gravity IO Shield for Arduino. The Gravity connectic can also be used with breadboard or perfboard thanks to its 2.54mm impaction.

For each order, you'll receive a module with a digital cable.

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