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Gravity: DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor For Arduino View larger

Gravity: DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor For Arduino


Gravity : relative humidity and temperature sensor

  • 20 to 80 % Hrel
  • 0 to 50 C (+/- 2 C)

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Read temperature and humidity with the DHT11 module for Gravity

DHT11 is an inexpensive component for assessing temperature and relative humidity. The DHT11 uses a capacitive sensor to evaluate the humidity in the air and a thermistor to evaluate the temperature. As the data is transmitted once per second to the microcontroller, this component is rather intended for the reading of environmental data in a room, greenhouse (but not for the enslavement of a system like an AirCo DIY). Note that the reading of the humidity rate varies between 20 and 80%.

It's a very simple sensor to implement and very well supported on Arduino, MicroPython but also Raspberry-Pi platforms.

Compared to DHT22, this sensor is less precise, less reliable and works over a smaller temperature and humidity range but it's also less expensive.

The Gravity interface allows you to easily connect this module to the Gravity IO Shield for Arduino. The Gravity connectic can also be used with breadboard or perfboard thanks to its 2.54mm impaction.

Technical details

  • Very inexpensive
  • 3 to 5V power supply (also for I/O)
  • Max current: 2.5mA during conversion (and data transmission)
  • Suitable for reading a humidity rate from 20 to 80% (with an accuracy of 5%).
  • Suitable for temperature reading from 0 to 50°C (with an accuracy of ± 2°C).
  • Max sampling at 1 Hz (once every second)
  • DHT11 datasheet (Chinese)



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