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Gravity : Intermediate Kit for Arduino compatible


Intermediate kit for Arduino

  • Arduino compatible included
  • 14 modules & sensors
  • Arduino expansion I/O
  • Battery holder
  • 16 tutorials

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Intermediate Starter Kit for Arduino (Arduino Compatible included)

This intermediate kit will learn electronics fundamentals to the user. The user will start with LEDs controled projects then move to more advanced projects.

With this kit, you will learn how to created your own mini electronic drum kit, sound activated LED, digital dice and many other things using the provided components.

This kit is perfect for electronics hobbyists and also for STEM learning in schools!

The online tutorial provides example code and information to learn how to use each component.
The tutorials are:

  • 01: An Introduction to Arduino & Compatibles
  • 02: How Does a Device "Think"?
  • 03: Analog and Digital Signals
  • 04: Make an LED Blink
  • 05: Sensor Light
  • 06: Mini Lamp
  • 07: Sound Activated LED
  • 08: Fading LED
  • 09: Light Regulator
  • 10: Electronic Drum Kit
  • 11: Fire Alarm
  • 12: Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 13: Open Sesame!
  • 14: Pandora's Box
  • 15: Remote Control LED
  • 16: Digital Dice


This kit contains the following items

  • 1x Relay Module
  • 1x Analog Ambient Light Sensor
  • 1x Vibration Sensor
  • 1x Push Button
  • 1x Digital piranha LED light module (Red)
  • 1x Digital Buzzer Module01
  • 1x Analog Sound Sensor
  • 1x Vibration Sensor
  • 1x Analog Rotation Sensor (potentiometer)
  • 1x I2C LCD1602 Module (2 lines, 16 chars each)
  • 1x Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DHT11)
  • 1x Shiftout Module
  • 1x Flame sensor
  • 1x IR Remote KIT
  • 1x DFRdunio UNO Rev3 (Arduino Compatible)
  • 1x IO Expansion Shield (Version 7)
  • 1x Digital Infrared motion sensor
  • 1x Analog Gas Sensor(MQ2)
  • 1x 9gr micro servo (1.6kg)
  • 5x Jumper Wires Female/Female
  • 1x USB Cable A-B for Arduino
  • 1x Battery Holder for 6xAA and Power Jack



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