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FAN for the Pi4 case


Fan for the Raspberry Pi-4 case

  • For the official Pi 4 cases
  • Wired on the GPIO
  • Activated via GPIO (can be PWM)
  • Pi 4 Case Fan

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Fan for the officiel Raspberry-Pi 4

This fan can flow up to 40 litres/minute to the 18x18x10mm heatsink. It is designed to fit inside the official Raspberry Pi 4 case.

The advanced Pi-4 users do know that the beast car heat under heavy load. Depending on the usage, you may need to actively cool it.

This fan (and acrylic support) is inserted in the top part of the case and will maintain tthe processor at a confortable temperature even under heavy load.

As designed with the molded plasic part, this fan extract the air from the USB ports and flow it to the processor, the RAM en the power management unit.
This fan can be actived from a GPIO, it can be driven as on/off fan depending on the processor temperature -OR- even better with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control the speed of the fan depending on the processor temperature.

The included heatsink must be placed on the processor. This is sper easy thank to the auto-adhesive pad. The heatsink will improve the temperature exchange between the processor and the air.

More information?

See this article on the RaspberryPi.org official website.


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