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Pi 4 Power Supply (BLACK) - USB-C 5V - 3 AMPERE


5V 3A PSU with USB type C plug

  • Official for Raspberry Pi 4
  • 5v 3000mA!!!!
  • Black

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The Official Raspberry Pi 4 power supply (black) with USB type C plug.

A need for USB Type C plug in order to power-up an USB Type C project ? For a Raspberry Pi 4 (or other) with a power supply able to produce a bunch of power?
Most powerful than ever, the Raspberry Pi also requires a more powerfull PSU! The 3 Amps required to run the Pi 4 cannot be delivered through a microUSB connector (limited to 2 Amp). This is the raison why the Raspberry Pi Foundation did selected the USB Type-C connection to power up the Raspberry Pi 4.
Connecteur USB Type C
An USB type C connector is able to transport a LOT OF POWER from 10W to 100W (with appropriate cable and powerfing profile). This would be the equivalent of 2A to 20Amps at 5 Volts (regarding the specs, negociate a voltage increasing would reduce the current for a given power).
This power supply produce a voltage perfectly regulated as suited to power the Raspberry-Pi 4 with a nominal power of 15W (so 3A). The high PSU efficiency would reduce the heat dissipation.
This PSU would be compliant to FCC, CE & UL.


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