MiCS5524 - Senseur Gaz CO, Alcool, VOC
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MiCS5524 - Senseur Gaz CO, Alcool, VOC

MiCS5524 Breakout

  • CO
  • Alcohol
  • VOC
  • Analog output
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A breakout to detect CO, VOC gas and alcohol

Offer a nose for gasses sensor to your project with the Adafruit MiCS-5524 Gas Sensor Breakout. This breakout had a the nice  nice MiCS-5524 sensor from SGX Sensortech. It is made of a  robust MEMS sensor for detection of indoor carbon monoxide and detection of natural gas leakage. This sensor is suited for indoor air quality monitoring, early fire detection and breath checker.

This sensor is sensitive to:

  • CO ( ~ 1 to 1000 ppm),
  • Ammonia (~ 1 to 500 ppm),
  • Ethanol (~ 10 to 500 ppm),
  • H2 (~ 1 - 1000 ppm)
  • Methane / Propane / Iso-Butane (~ 1,000++ ppm).

However, it cannot tell which gaz is detected.

This breakout board should not be used for any safety, medical or commercial product usage. It is sold for hobby education & experimentation only! Notice that all gas sensors need a calibration for precision output.

For each order, you will receive an assembled and tested MiCS-5524 breakout. A small section of header is included and a bit of soldering is needed tot attach the header on the breakout.

How to use

The sensor is easy to wire:

  • Power it with 5 VDC
  • Read the analog voltage from the output pin.

When gasses are detected, the analog voltage will increase (proportionnal to the gas detection).
The sensor heather used to measure the gas concentration draws about 25-35mA. You can use the EN pin to spare power (to power it off). Just put 5V on the EN pin to turn it off. Just wait a second before any measurement when powering on the sensor (the gas must be warm for a proper measurement).

Technical details


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