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TCS34725 - RGB Color sensor + IR Filter + white LED



TCS34725 Color sensor

  • RGB sensor
  • Infrared filter
  • White LED
  • I2C Interface

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Provide color detection feature to your project

It would be wonderful if your project could deal with color and sensing the color of objets. Thanks to the TCS34725, one of the best I2C color sensor on the market, you have an clear light + RGB sensor breakout.

The chip integrates an blocking IR filter placed on the sensing photodiodes. Thanks to the filter, the impact of IR spectral component is minimized and improve the accuracy of color's measurement. This means that you get much true color than most of existing sensors (indeed, the human eyes doesn't see IR either). The sensor also dynamic range of 3.800.000:1 with adjustable gain and adjustable integration time (this allow to use the sensor behind a darkened glass).

The breakout include a 3.3V regulator and I2C level shifting, so this board is compatible with 3-5V DC board. Finally, the board also bring a neutral light LED at 4150°K temperature driven by a onboard MOSFET. This led is used to illuminate the object you are trying to sense. A pin is dedicated to activate/deactivate the light LED with a single digital output on your microcontroler.

Using this sensor is easy, wire up the sensor by connecting VDD to 3-5VDC, Ground to common ground. Then connect the SCL and SDA to the microcontroler's I2C Clock and SDA and your are ready to go. Open your arduino IDE and upload the Adafruit demonstration code to your board. TaDaaa, its time to place the sensor on your favorite items to detect their color!

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