Motor controler - electronic to propel and control motors

Motor controler

The microcontroler usually needs some help when they need to control motors. This is because the motors are consuming lot of current (or power) and that microcontroler are not taillored for such amount of current.

Thankfuly, they are Motor Controlers! They can be as simple as L293, L298 or more advanced board, the motor controler are there to ease your life by taking care about all the stuff related to motor power control.

With thoses board and breakouts you will ba able to tame DC motors, stepper motors, servo motors, etc. All you need to motorise your project and made it autonomous in our human world.

A4988 Stepper motor controler
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Step-by-step motor controller A4988 - micro-step
Motor voltage: 8 à 32V
Motor current: 1.2A (2.3A in peak)
Micro-stepper: 1/16 of step max.
Current limiter
Logic: 3.3 et 5V
MP6500 stepper motor controler
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MP6500 stepper motor controler
Micro-stepping 1/8 step max
Motor 4.5V to 35V
Current 1.5A (2.5A peak)
Logic 3.3v - 5v
Current limiter
Robotic controler for Raspberry-Pi
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Robotic HAT Raspberry - OR - Standalone Robotics Platform 
A-Star 32U4 LV Robot Controller with Raspberry-Pi Bridge
programmable module
motor controler for robotic project
TMC2208 - Silent stepper Motor controler
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Step motor controler TMC2208
A4988 compatible
Silent Stepstick
MicroStepping: 1/256 step max
Motor voltage: 5.5V à 36V
Motor current: 1.2A per coil (2A peak)
Logic level 3.3 and 5V
Current limiter
Adafruit CRICKIT for micro:bit
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Crickit - Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit
for Micro:bit
MakeCode and Arduino support
4x Servo Motor driver -OR- Analog output (PWM)
2x DC motor driver (with PWM control)
4x high curent output (relay, solenoid, etc)
4x capacitive touch entry
8x digital I/O (or analog inputs)
1x LED NeoPixels 5V driver (wired on pin #16)
1x Amplified Audio output (wired on pin #1)