Breakout L298 - Double pont H
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L298 Breakout - Double H-Bridge

Double H-Bridge L298N to control motors:

  • 2 motors,
  • 2 directions of rotation,
  • speed control
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An H-Bridge capable to drive 2 motors in the 2 rotations direction

Here is a really useful breakout board! Based on a L298N (Double H-bridge) it contains all the elements needed to easily motorize two continuous motors from a microcontroller. The breakout board can be connected directly to a microcontroller.

Since the heart of this product is a double H-bridge L298, each of the motor is controllable in both directions of rotation!

It is also possible to control the speed of these by applying a PWM signal on the corresponding "Enable" pin of the H-bridge. 

Our breakout board has a dissipation circuit, which allows it to maintain a current of 2 amperes. It can power your motors using an independent  voltage source (up to ~35V DC)

Equipped with its essential protection diodes but also a voltage regulator, the designers of this breakout board has also provided connections "Current Sense" allowing the measurement in real time of the loads of the H-bridge. This feature is not active by default but remains fully accessible when needed

This breakout board is also suitable for the control of a 4-wire stepper motor (see our documentation).

Ideas of use

  • Motor-based mounting control
  • Control of the motors of an unmanned vehicle (car, "tank")
  • Stepper motor control (4 wires)


  • Light, small
  • Unmatched capabilities for motor control
  • Diodes of protection
  • A dissipator (to dissipate heat in case of heavy loads)
  • A selector to select the power source
  • 4 Selectors for Pull up resistors
  • Output for 2 continuous motor / 1 stepper motor (4 coils, two phases)
  • LED indicator for motor direction of rotation
  • LED indicator for 5V power supply
  • 4 standard fixing holes


  • Power control component: L298N
  • Power supply: +6V to +35V
  • Max current (peak): 2A
  • Vss Logic control voltage: +5 to +7V (internal +5V supply)
  • Logic control current: 0 to 36mA
  • Voltage for direction control: Low -0.3V~1.5V, high: 2.3V~Vss
  • Voltage for "Enable" control: Low -0.3V~1.5V, high: 2.3V~Vss
  • Max power: 25W (Temperature 75 ℃)
  • Operating temperature: -25℃ to +130℃
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 54mm
  • Weight: ~48g