TMC2100 - Silent stepper Motor controler
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TMC2100 - Silent stepper Motor controler

Contrôleur de moteur pas-à-pas TMC2100

  • A4988 compatible
  • Silent
  • MicroStepping: 1/256 steps max
  • Motor voltage: 5.5V to 46V
  • Motor current: 1.25A per coil (2.5A peak)
  • Logic 3.3V (not 5V compatible!)
  • Current limiting
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TMC2100, silent micro-stepping board for 3D printer

The TMC2100 from Trinamic is able to control bipolar stepper motor with full step and micro-stepping but the most important is the silent operations thanks to the stealthChop2 technology!

Intended to replace the A4988 step-stick on 3D printer, the TMC2100 can also be used with printer, automated systems, positionning machine, surveillance system, HAVC, distribution system, etc.

The micro-stepping allows to divide step into sub-steps (namely "MicroStep") allowing a very fine granularity in shaft positionning.

Without micro-stepping a regular stepper requires only 200 steps for a full revolution (so 1.8° per step). With the micro-stepping set to 1/8 step, the motor coils are controled to make a full revolution in 200*8 = 1600 steps (which represents an angular rotation of 0.225° per step). 

This breakout can propel a bipolar stepper motor in full step, as well as micro-stepping. The pinout and interface is close to the popular A4988, so the TMC2100 can be used to replace the A4988 in many applications. The TMC2208 can be used with micro-stepping down to 1/256 of steps with motors having a voltage from  5.5 V to 46 V with a constant current of ~1.25 A per coil (2.5 A peak).

The board is fitted with current limiting potentiometer.

For first experimentation with stepper with your microcrocontroler, we do recommend to use the A4988 which support microstepping down to 1/16 step and current limiting. The A4988 is very popular and do have lot of online documentation/tutorials.

Technical details

  • Compatible with the A4988 from popolu (from hardware side).
  • Current limitating up to 1.25A (RMS, continuous current in coils) - 2.5A peak current
  • Interface Step/Dir with microstepping interpolation (up to 256 microsteps)
  • Configuration via CFG pins
  • Motor voltage: 5.5 up to 46V
  • Logic voltage: 3.3V
  • Components placed under the PCB for improved thermal dissipation. Use it with components oriented downward.
  • stealthChop2 for silent working and smooth rotation (default configuration)
  • spreadCycle dynamic chopper for quick motor response and high torque
  • TMC2100 Datasheet


For each order, you will receive a TMC2100 StepStick and a row of connecteur. Just solder the connector on the board with components facing down the board. This operation should be completed within few minutes.


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