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DRV2605L - haptic/Vibra motor controller



DRV2605L motor controller

  • Buzzer & vibration motors, Haptic human/machine interface
  • Various effects (ramp, click, ...)
  • 3 to 5V DC
  • I2C interface

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DRV2605L - the ultimate Haptic Motor Controler

The DRV2605 from Texas Instrument is an Haptic motor driver with nice features and I2C interface.

Rather than controlling a stepper motor or DC motor, this driver will drive haptic motors: buzzers and vibration motors. This driver goes further than turning on/off the motor, it can play various effects when driving the vibration motor like ramping up/down the vibration level, making a 'click' effects, having various buzzer levels. It can even make vibration in synch with audio input. Such advanced features will will make your haptic project a way more nicer and appealing.

This chip is controlled over I2C bus. When initialized, 'string' of multiple effects can be pushed into the chips memory and then triggered to actuate when user must be notified.

According to the product page, this driver can be used with the two type of motor: LRA (Linear Resonance Actuator) and ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass). Adafruit did only test this breakout with ERM motor (little vibration motor).

The driver is placed on a breakout board togheter with regulator. It works with 3V and 5V power/logic. Adafruit do have code for Arduino and CircuitPython. The portage to any capable I2C microcontroler is easy.

Technical details

  • DRV2605 Datasheet (Texas Instruments, English)
  • Dimensions: 18mm x 17mm x 2mm
  • 1.0 gr



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