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3 x 16 EXTRA Long PinHeader


3 rows of 16 EXTRA LONG pins (Pin Header)

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Extra long males connectors to ease connection with female connector

The "pin header" are these funny rows of pins that are found almost everywhere in electronic assemblies and prototyping platforms type Arduino.

If they are widely used in shield mountings for Arduino, the ones we propose here are particularly useful but also really hard to find.

2.54 mm spacing breadboard (compatible breadboard, Arduino, Pinguino, etc), these Pin Header are designed to be split at the location of your choice. A diagonal cutter or pliers will do the trick.

These Pin Header will be very handy for connecting two female plugs together, turn a female connector into a male connector (see for example our assortment of wires + extra), connect a female connector to a breadboard (see for example our tactile keyboard) are very practical to prepare your own connectors that can be plugged directly onto a breadboard or on the different Arduino connectors.

Among the rather clever uses, the Pin Header can be used to prepare :

  • A male Pin Header on a breadboard
  • A male/male connector to extend your wires type female.
  • Make it easier to connect some motors (female socket) to H-bridge breakout board (Borner screw... also female!)
  • Etc.


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