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4x AA battery holder (Total 6v)


Power supply with AA battery - 4 x 1.5V batteries

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A battery pack holder for 6x AA to feed your project with 6V

Make your project portable with this power pack that accommodates 4 AA batteries. It accepts AA Alkaline or rechargeable batteries. There is a protective cover (which fits) and the case is equipped with a switch on/off very handy when your project does not yet have a switch. 

The four batteries are connected in series, enough to produce a nominal voltage of 6 volts DC with Alkaline batteries (6.4V when they are brand new, 4V when they are exhausted). If you use rechargeable batteries, the nominal voltage will be 4.8 volts DC (5.2V when brand new, 4.4V when discharged).
Using rechargeable batteries will be perfect for use with most 5V projects, with Alkaline batteries, you can place a 1N4001 diode in series to reduce the voltage from 6V to 5.3V. 

Battery not included.

Technical details

  • Size : 63 x 66 x 19 mm
  • Weight : 32gr
  • 4 Standard AA batteries produce a voltage of 6V 
  • 4 AA rechargeable batteries produce a voltage of 4.8V  

Welding a Jack plug  

If you buy a Jack plug (not included) it is relatively simple. The center of the plug must be positive and the outer part of the plug the ground (this is a standard). 

  • Weld the red wire in the center of the plug  
  • Weld the black wire on the body of the plug (the long leg)   


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