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Half-Size Breadboard


Half-size Breadboard of 400 points. Identical to the one proposed in the ARDX kit.

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Ease the prototyping with a breadboard

Here is a very nice breadboard, compact but already big enough to implement your first realizations. Really ideal for small projects. His size is 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm  with a standard separation in the middle (to place integrated circuits) and a double supply rail on both sides.

If your place is limited, it's possible to remove the breadboards supply rails to reduce its width to 3.5cm, which make it possible to place it on a ProtoShield.

These breadboards are designed to fit together. By assembling them, it's possible to create wider and/or longer breadboards. Ideal to adapt the work surface to your needs.

The product pictures also contain a visual comparison of the half-size breadboard (The one that is sold) with an Arduino and a small/tiny Breadboard. Only the half-size breadboard is provided.


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