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[T] - Stacking Header for Arduino R3


Assortment of STACKABLE Headers for Arduino. Allows you to transform a standard shield into a stackable shield. For Arduino/Shield in revision R3.

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These are the connectors to use if you want to stack a shield on an Arduino in revision 3 (Latest version to date, see here for revision 2 ... for your old Arduino and Shield)! These are 6-pin, 8-pin and 10-pin female headers with impaction of 2.54mm ... with a little something extra! The pins are extra long which means you can use these headers to stack shields! The pins are 10.5mm long, which leaves still 8.8mm usable when plugged into a PCB (1.7mm thick).

Most shields include standard pin header, this product can transform a shield into a stackable shield.


  • 2 x Header 8 pins
  • 2 x Header 6 pins
  • 1 x Header 10 pins to offer full compatibility with shields designed for Arduino R3 and Arduino Leonardo
  • 1 X ICSP connector (2 x 3 pins)

Examples of use

  • You can stack them on top of a protoshield, but not if there is a breadboard on them.
  • You can stack it on top of a motor shield, make sure you have welded the electrolytic capacity a little to the side before welding the connectors. This allows the connector to lie flat on the PCB.
  • You can stack them on a Wave Shield or a GPS shield without problem.

Some experimentation may be necessary to know how to use this product well.


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