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[T] - NeoPixel Shield pour Arduino
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Matrice 5x8 de Neo Pixel RGB, super brillante, sur un shield Arduino, Chainable
[T] - Tilt Ball
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Senseur à inclinaison, contact à bille
Adafruit CRICKIT for micro:bit
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Crickit - Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit
for Micro:bit
MakeCode and Arduino support
4x Servo Motor driver -OR- Analog output (PWM)
2x DC motor driver (with PWM control)
4x high curent output (relay, solenoid, etc)
4x capacitive touch entry
8x digital I/O (or analog inputs)
1x LED NeoPixels 5V driver (wired on pin #16)
1x Amplified Audio output (wired on pin #1)
MPL115A2, pressure and temperature sensor, I2C
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Athmospheric Pressure sensor using MEM's technology
Pressure 50 kPa~115 kPa (sensitivity 0.05 kPa)
Altitude 0.3m (corresponding to 0.05 kPa)
I2C Interface
Adafruit CRICKIT for Circuit Playground
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Adafruit Crickit for Circuit Playground Express
for CircuitPlayground
4x PWM Output or Digital Servo
2x DC Motor contoler (2 direction, 1A max, speed control) OR 1x Stepper
4x High current Output (Darlington 500mA)For solenoids, relays, large LEDs
4x touch input
8x digital in/out or analog inputs
1x NeoPixel output (5V level)
1x Class D amplifier (4-8 ohm, 3W)
Door lock solenoid
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A door / drawer solenoid lock
650 mA