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Adafruit CRICKIT for Circuit Playground



Adafruit Crickit for Circuit Playground Express

  • for CircuitPlayground
  • 4x PWM Output or Digital Servo
  • 2x DC Motor contoler (2 direction, 1A max, speed control) 
    OR 1x Stepper
  • 4x High current Output (Darlington 500mA)
    For solenoids, relays, large LEDs
  • 4x touch input
  • 8x digital in/out or analog inputs
  • 1x NeoPixel output (5V level)
  • 1x Class D amplifier (4-8 ohm, 3W)

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The ideal expansion board for CircuitPlayground Express board

Want to create your own robot with your beloved CircuitPlayground Express board? Cool, here is the ideal tool to create your owm robot friends : the Crickit for CircuitPlayground.

Robot are fun to program and its owner can be creative with features and decorations. With the Crickit, this will become more simple than ever.

Adafruit designed the Crickit (Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit) as an add-on for the popular Circuit Playground Express and allow you to create Robot with CircuitPython, MakeCode (coming soon) and Arduino.

The Circuit Playground is screwed on the Crickit with the included stand-off and bolts. Once done, the microcontroler gain access to controlling motors, servos, solenoids, a NeoPixel driver, several signal pins, capacitive touch and amplified speaker output.

Crickit is a complements and an extensions for Circuit Playground so you can still use all the CPX features + adding robotics playground possibilities.

The Crickit is powered by seesaw, the I2C bridge-to-various-controler firmware. So you only need to use two data pins to control the huge number of inputs and outputs on the Crickit. All those timers, PWMs, sensors are offloaded to the co-processor.

With Crickit you get:

  • 4x Analog or 4x Digital Servo control with precision 16-bit timers
  • 2x DC motor control, bidirectionnal control, 1 Amp current limited each motor, 8-bit PWM speed control (0 to 255). Can also be used to control one stepper
  • 4x High current "Darlington" output transistor, up to 500mA with kick-back diode protection. Ideal for relays, solenoids, unipolar stepper or large LEDs.
  • 4x Capacitive touch with hole for alligator clips
  • 8x digital in/out pin (can also be used as analog inputs)
  • 1x NeoPixel driver (with 5V level shifter for maximum of brightness)
  • 1x Class D audio amplifier (4-8 ohm speaker, 3W-max)

To use this expansion board, you will need a Circuit Playground Express board

5V only board

All are powered via 5V DC input!

You can use any 5V-powered servos, 5V DC motors, 5V steppers, 5V solenoids, 5V relays etc.

To keep things simple and safe, the board does not mix voltage.
This is a 5V board, not for use with 9V or 12V robotic components.

Device designed for durability

As the Crickit will be used with high-current devices (like motor), Adafruit did designed the board with a power supply system that minimizes risk of damage. The power supply has an 'eFuse' management chip that will automatically turn off the Crickit board in following situation:

  • voltage goes above 5.5V
  • voltage goes below 3V
  • The over-current protection is reached (4 Amps).
Every motor driver has kick-back protection to protect the transistor against the kick-back voltage spike.


For each order, you will receive a Crickit Board. CircuitPlayground Microcontroler board, power supply, motor, etc are not included.

External power supply needed

you will need a power supply and a Circuit Playground Express to go along with the Crickit and these are not included! We recommend also purchasing:

  • 5V 2A power supply
  • If you're going to be running more than 2 large motors or servos at a time, we recommend a 5V 4A power supply


See the many tutorials available from the Adafruit product sheet.


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