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Carte Gamepad PiGrrl 2
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GamePad board with Gameboy's style.
2 Pads 4 boutons
Bouton Start/Select
Connexions bumpers
Prêt pour GPIO Raspberry Pi
Chargeur LiIon/LiPo charger v1.2
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Advanced Lilon/Lipo charger - configurable charge, USB source, external source, charge during use.
Door lock solenoid
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A door / drawer solenoid lock
650 mA
DRV2605L - haptic/Vibra motor controller
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DRV2605L motor controller
Buzzer & vibration motors, Haptic human/machine interface
Various effects (ramp, click, ...)
3 to 5V DC
I2C interface
ESP32 Feather Board - HUZZAH32
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ESP32 (WROOM32 module)
240 MHz - Tensilica LX6 Dual Core
RAM: 520 Kb
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth (BLE and Classic)